Clear, actionable advice to build your business vision and achieve it.
Bunn Consulting Group brings together the analytic capability of large consulting firms with the personal service and flexibility to fit your small business needs and budget.  
  1. Value Driven
    Our number one goal at BCG is to add value for clients at every turn.
  2. Compassion & Talent
    Our consulting team is, first and foremost, built with caring and compassionate experts.
  3. Time Sensitive
    We know that time is precious and look to help you spend more time doing what you love.

Meet the Team

  1. Managing Director
    Marci Bunn is President and CEO of Bunn Consulting Group. She is a graduate of Harvard University and is one of five consultants in the United States to earn the Master's distinction from the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC). While her education provided the foundation for her success, it is Marci's compassion for others and determination to make a difference for teams that sets her apart.
    Marci Bunn, MA, MASBC
  2. Managing Director
    Robert Bunn is a graduate of Harvard with degrees in Social Science and Government, but his real passion was found in law. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and practices in private equity where his extensive knowledge of small business and contract law make him ideally suited to provide direction and insight to small business owners.
    Robert Bunn, MA, JD
Veterinary Advisory Services
Our services begin with thorough analysis of not just numbers, but also the team and leadership enviornment.  We then work with business owners to enact changes to maximize profit while serving their clients, team, and community.
"Marci is an organizer, communicator, and problem solver. As a consultant, she brings together a set of skills and experiences that span from financial analysis to team development and leadership. Since the beginning of our work together I know her as a person who can affect direct action toward a specific goal and I can personally attest to her careful attention to detail and wide range of knowledge on management issues. Her extraordinary ability to analyze problems and outline necessary courses of action was invaluable."

Ashley Biggs